Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ketchup and Babies

Do you remember the old ketchup commercial...."Anticipation, it's making me wait." I love this state of mind. It's all about dealing with the expectations you have created in your mind. Some good examples I experienced over the years are waiting up to steal a glimpse of Santa, waiting to go to deer camp, packing for our mountain campouts with the Cope boys, getting married. In 2005 my biggest anticipatory moment was getting on that plane to Guatemala to meet our little one. Today I feel like that kid waiting for Santa. Benny is asleep, it's a Saturday, and I can't wait till he starts making ANY noise. This is my cue to run in and give him a smile and wait for his little arms to stiffen towards me. Of course this is accompanied by his cute little smile. We will then sing his usual morning songs to greet him to the day..."It's (insert day), what a happy day, it's Saturday what a happy day........".

Right now I really feel like that kid watching that ketchup bottle, just waiting for that drop of goodness when Benny finally stirs. This is the feeling I hope my good friend Chris will be having soon. Chris and Christina are probably getting ready to land in China as I type this. This is a trip they have been anticipating for a long time. They are picking up their first little girl Olivia. They will make great parents, and Chris will make a great Dad. After all they have been anticipating this drop of goodness for several years. Our prayers are constantly with them. Right now, I think I'll walk the floors to make a squeak or two. Maybe Benny is anticipating seeing his Daddy hovering over his face with a song.

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