Wednesday, January 18, 2006

How cool is this

He had it right when he sung, "Suprise Your New Love Has Arrived..." I just love George Strait. It wasn't out of the Blue, Clear Sky though!

Just look at this picture. Isn't it great. Let me introduce my small blogging world to Olivia. She will finally be sleeping in her cute room (decked out with custom paintings) this weekend. We are so happy for her.

Throughout their long journey, there were months of anxious moments and tears of frustration. It was OK. It's hard to understand the big picture when your "hut is burning" (see a previous post). I am convinced God delayed things in their adoption journey knowing that Olivia was waiting for her mom and dad to pick her up halfway across the world.

When the 4 of us were having lunch in December, I tried to explain to Olivia's mom and dad, through my awkward and teary silence what they now know about how the frustration simply melts away when you hold your child for the first time. When you are finally a family united. If I try and voice my feelings about my first experiences with Benny, my throat clamps shut and my tear ducts open up. Holding your baby that first week affects your life from that point on.

Have a safe flight back from China.

Since we are speaking to a group of prospective adoptive families on Saturday, I better practice not tearing up. After all, there's a free lunch in the deal.