Monday, January 02, 2006

We are finally back from a long and winding road. STL to NEO to OKC to Woodward to OKC to Gravette to NEO back to STL. That is a lot of driving with a kiddo making the trip in a carseat. Overall Benny did great. I won't go into our experience at Ted's (OKC restaurant).

We had a wonderful time at Dad's home and Laura's, where Benny met my side of the family for the first time. He was treated like royalty being the sole grandson. I love this picture of Granny and Benny. I absolutely love her, and have written about her in the past. She is an inspiration.

It was great being back at McKnight. The singing was uplifting, and I got the usual lump in my throat thinking of how God has blessed our family. It was good to be back to see everyone (and for Benny to see his other "Grandpa" Ed, Sr as well). By the time church ended, G and I were running on fumes. We celebrated New Year's Eve watching Arrested Development Season 2 DVD's, and eating Pizza Hut, and rang in the year with food poisoning. It might be awhile before we eat mushrooms again. It really makes me think how much of a trooper Kelly and Everlie are to take care of kids when they are sick. Thank God for health.

I will tell more and post more pics soon. I hope you have a blessed new year, and start out with a plan and purpose for your lives.


Anonymous said...

That is an awesome picture of Benny and Granny. She definitely is inspirtational.

Conni H. said...

That is a beautiful picture. I imagine that Benny will treasure it forever.

It was good to see you all back at church have been missed. Sorry that you rang in the new year with food poisioning- that doesn't sound like fun!

So glad that you are home.